Okay. Now please do watch this video by Nerdwriter1 on YouTube! Please! And do read the following if time permits. It’s worth it. You should be knowing this!

This is certainly why I love ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. And I get upset when people identify the movie with the unanimously famous ‘Margot Robbie Nude Scene’.
It’s not just a lavish movie. It’s more than Leo. It’s more than the nude babes who’ll appear throughout the movie. It’s more than Margot Robbie’s certainly attractive assets and sex scenes.

For me, as far as the movies of Scorsese I’ve seen, ‘The King of Comedy’ being the dangerously darkest, with almost all of his movies having a very good mixture of dark shades, Wolf is the most subtly and beautifully dark movie.

The beauty lies in the fact that we never realise it’s so dark while watching the movie!
We know what Jordan Belfort does is wrong. Yet, we rejoice at every action of his. This smooth and beautiful transformation of Survival and a means of living turning to Greed is the spine of the movie. And Scorsese doesn’t show these intentions or aspirations driven by Greed in a dark shade, but shows as it is. And that’s why it’s so dark deep inside, if you think about it.

You’ll realise its depth when you realise that you’ve been rejoicing the movie and Jordan Belfort for all the wrong reasons without your own knowledge. That’s what happens in real life, right? He makes you feel the high that Jordan Belfort feels and transcribes that want of Jordan Belfort for more and more in the movie, to you wanting more and more from the movie. We love watching what he does on screen! Hence proving the idea “More is never Enough” of the movie exists in the audience ourselves.
It’s just a mere reflection of ourselves.

And especially in the last shot, it’s like “Oh yeah! That was one hell of a ride right? You might say anything about how unfair he is but Now look at yourself in the mirror! You are the fools!”

Scorsese just makes a joke out of ourselves. And he’ll be laughing at you, if you’re laughing at the people on screen, because it’s just You! And he’s proven it just by making you laugh at it!

Tarantino did a similar tease with ‘Inglorious Basterds’ in the scene where the Nazi people rejoice at the screening of the movie in the movie, ‘Nation’s Pride’.
Apart from the brilliance of the screen writer Terrence Winter and the Martin Scorsese, I want to talk about Leo.

For me, this is his best performance in his lifetime as he was just Jordan Belfort and wasn’t playing Jordan Belfort.

I have decided to put up a separate post as to why this is his greatest performance because there’s so much to talk about it and the idea of his performance in this movie!

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is very mildly understood by the larger audience and is so underrated to being a commercial movie. It’s one big work of Brilliance without itself claiming for it. And that’s the beauty of the movie!

So, please do watch the video and the movie if possible to get its greatness!